It’s time for you to stop living in scarcity and start living in abundance.Frank Maycock, CEO of Kinetos Coaching


Frank brings to life the thoughts and feelings that many of us experience but have been unable to express or communicate. The first book in his series, Out of Balance, into Rhythm, will be published in March 2016 and will help us to understand and live in God’s rhythm.

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As an Advanced Certified Personal and Executive Coach with over 40 years of leadership experience Frank brings a unique set of talents to the table. With his skills he will equip any executive, whether you are new or seasoned, to be a better leader using your abilities and strengths.

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Are you overwhelmed, frustrated, depressed, or just plain stuck? By looking at life one stepping stone at a time rather than at the entire journey Frank will help you discover your strengths and use them to move you beyond where you are to that place of abundance you desire.

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Client Testimonials

  • “Having Frank Maycock as my coach has been a very rewarding experience. Before we started our sessions, I did not have a clear direction for my life. I knew what I wanted, but I did not fully believe it was achievable, and I did not have an effective method to test that premise. Frank encouraged me to find the answers within myself through a series of questions, exercises, and challenges that expanded my thinking about the possibilities that are within my reach. As a fellow Christian, he has a way of helping me to uncover areas of my life that are not in alignment with my goals or with the word of God, while neither preaching nor judging. I thank God for using Frank in this way, and I am blessed to call him my coach. “

    – Carolyn,  Chief Executive Assistant

  • As a powerful thought partner Frank has assisted me to establish a clear understanding of what it is that I really want out of life and has been a guide to live on purpose to achieve my goals. Frank has a gift to understand the hearts of others and he has the compassion to love them enough to hold them capable of high achievement.

    I highly recommend Frank and his coaching program to anyone who is looking to play a bigger game in life. Frank is a powerful ally to coach individuals or Corporations for improved personal and professional performance and success.

    • John Conover
      Business Owner/Entrepreneur
      Premiere Luxury Realty
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Many are struggling to live a life of balance, and are falling short of finding joy. Living a life of balance is holding back, it’s keeping us on that fence, or in a lukewarm place. Finding the wholehearted rhythm God created us to live by is vital for our health and growth.

This book is for people who want to seek a deeper truth to a way of life that most of us cannot put into words but yet feel the very essence of what we are called to live out in our lives.


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