A Strategy for Winning

I was reading an interview with Arnold Palmer in Harvard Business Review. In that interview he was asked the question, “You’ve described golf as precise yet unpredictable. How does one develop a strategy for winning in a game like that?”

Part of his answer, “When you run into a tight spot, a situation so complicated that you’re not sure of the way out, that’s when you fall back on your system to take you where you want to go.” As I think about what he said, it makes complete sense. In golf or other sporting events good athletes practice, practice, practice and then they rely on muscle memory. In the toughest times the hardest thing for a person to do is to get out of their head and rely on what they know and believe and let the heart, the unconscious lead the way.

That can be hard if you do not have a system that you have trained in and honed for difficult times. It is those moments that your brain takes over and you can easily become distracted as to what to do next. If you use computers daily I have a challenge for you.  Take a paragraph and look at the paragraph and just type what you see on the page. Next re-type that paragraph and then think about what you are typing and the where the keys are on the keyboard. If you do this you will find that when you thinking about doing something it takes a lot longer to type it in. You will also find that you might make fewer mistakes when you thinking about what you are doing but by the time lost is much more than the time to go back and re-type those few mistakes when you simply just typed.

Life is like that we work best when we have developed a skill set that we believe in and that will take us where we want to go. Some people may feel like they either can’t afford a coach or not sure what a coach will do that they cannot accomplish on their own. Both of those are great points. So what is the real value of a personal or professional coach? In this same article Arnold Palmer was asked the question, “You’ve said that a lack of confidence can turn a good putter into a poor one. How does one regain confidence? His answer was profound, “Number one, tell yourself you can do it. But it also helps to have someone, who’s an expert, not to tell you what to do, but that you’re good at what you do.”

There are a lot of coaches out there to tell you what to do and sometimes that can be helpful, but in most situations we already have the answer and we are already aware of what we are good at we simply just have not put into words and constant action. A great coach knows when you need assistance in direction or simply need encouragement is doing what you do best. Most people do not need to learn something they do not already know, they need to learn what their strengths are and how to apply themselves in the situations they find themselves in.

If you have any questions or simply want to explore the thought of having a coach give us a call we are here to help.