Welcome to Kinetos Coaching.  “Kinetos” is Greek for kinetic and is defined in the act of movement. Our desire is to help you move from where you are to where you want to be in less time and with more energy, enthusiasm and accountability than you would obtain on your own.

 One of the great definitions of coaching, whether it is in the executive world you live in or your own personal life is that coaches are “thought partners”.  When a coach is truly doing their job well, he or she is a quiet partner in your thought process.  The coach is there simply to ask the questions, help with assessments, and hold you accountable as you journey through the process of discovering and clarifying your thoughts. This allows you to have the privilege and joy of connecting with what you desire, which enables you to move forward in that direction.  Though a coach may assist you if you become stuck, the most effective coach will draw the wisdom from you.  A great coach helps you discover the answers you have within you and help you find ways that will serve you better.

 For executives, there are many reasons for hiring a coach.  You may desire a more flexible EQ, to improve your negotiation skills, career management, anger management, personal effectiveness, becoming a team player, or how to have a better personal life while succeeding in the business world.  Whatever your reasons, the main reason you would need a coach is simply so that you can move from one place to another quickly and efficiently so you can maximize the results you will obtain. We are here to work with you whether you are an executive wanting to work on a professional skill, or an individual who simply would like greater definition and clarity around what you are doing to move into a greater place in one or more areas of your life such as relationships, contribution, or career choices.  You have come to the right place.

You will find the coaches and consultants here at Kinetos to be direct, warm, relational and excited to help you move forward in what will move you or your team forward in life. We come with well rounded skill set of knowledge and expertise.

 Let’s talk!!!

Frank Maycock is a certified personal and executive coach and creator/co-owner of Kinetos Coaching. His love and passion in life has been to help people discover the greatness within themselves and the ability to see the power of God. He has been married to his lovely wife Cindy for 33 years and has two children and a daughter-in-law.

Born in Los Angeles, CA Frank did his undergraduate work in 1973 at Biola University. In 1986 he completed a Master’s of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA. with a concentration in Marriage and Family ministries. In 2006 he earned his Doctorate of Ministry degree from Columbia Theological Seminary with a concentration in Christian Spirituality.

Since the age of nine, Frank has been a believer in Christ. When he was 16, he began to serve Him in many capacities; as a youth pastor, then as an ordained pastor for over 25 years, serving three churches. He then spent five years working at a mission providing food for the needs within his community. In recent years, Frank ventured into the business sector and now operates a coaching practice.

 Frank has discovered life can be abundant on earth as it is in heaven. Abundance doesn’t come in the things he has done or does, but in learning to be connected into the Lord’s rhythm. He has explored, experienced and now writes about not living for what he wants, when he wants it, but a life of just being in His presence.