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Frank brings to life a depth and reasoning in His work and writings that help us discover a deeper truth locked inside each of us whether we are believer in God or not. His writings are fresh and insightful and help you learn to live in peace. Throughout the coming months Frank will have several books published that will capture the hunger within all of us that we simply do not have the words to describe.

About Out of Balance, Into Rhythm:

Many are struggling to live a life of balance, and are falling short of finding joy. Living a life of balance is holding back, it’s keeping us on that fence, or in a lukewarm place. Finding the wholehearted rhythm God created us to live by is vital for our health and growth.

There is a subtle sickness that has crept into the culture of America, and even the culture of the Western world altogether. It is complacency. The sad part is it is not recognized as a sickness. It is rather masked and lauded as living a life of balance, or living at peace with all men. Peace is a commendable goal; however, peace is not the absence of conflict. So, what is it? There are stepping stones God has laid out in His Word for us to walk in His rhythm. Out of Balance, Into Rhythm lays out those stepping stones and helps us see how we can be set free from the ho-hum life of striving to serve God and thrive in our newfound rhythm of embracing all that God has for us. Through the study of scripture, this book will expose the challenges that have held us back, and give guidelines for stepping into the beingness that God created for us.

This book is for people who want to seek a deeper truth to a way of life that most of us cannot put into words but yet feel the very essence of what we are called to live out in our lives.


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