Dare to Dream

What is the difference between those who are living their dreams and others who simply exist living from day to day? What is the difference in those who have made their dreams become a reality and those who spent their lives wishing and hoping but never seeing them take shape?

There are many reasons behind the answers to these questions. For me, I see it is simply those who are willing to invest some risk and sweat equity to make their dreams into reality versus those who keep their dreams on a drawing board and never see them come to fruition.

I had a childhood dream of building a car from the ground up or restoring an old car. A few years ago a friend invited me to his backyard which was filled with old Model-A parts. He let me loose and said go to work. I started grinding down the rust on a Model-A truck frame and reshaped it to fit a 1929 Model-A coupe body. I was making great progress until a couple of years ago when I changed jobs. Since then I have only worked on it once or twice.

My hope is to finish that car and allow my daughter to use it on her wedding day if she so chooses. Fortunately, that dream can still come true.  If I am willing to grind the rust off of that dream, and do what it takes to the finish the project, then I will accomplish it.  Will power- that is all it takes, allowing my desires to take hold again and doing what is necessary to accomplish that goal and finish the car.  I have a coach who is willing to help me, I have the car, and I have the dream. What I am lacking at this moment to be honest with you is the willpower and drive to finish.

How many people are out there with that same issue? Whether it is in seeking the right job, having the right relationship, finding the right rhythm in life between work and fun, wanting to write a book but lack the drive, etc.? How many dreams have never gotten off the ground because you may have all the right pieces or you simply need one to two more, but it sits on the drawing board for one reason or another? How many dreams will never be accomplished simply because we are unwilling to do what is necessary to make that dream a reality?

We are here to help. We are a team of individuals who are willing to come along side of you ask the right questions, and help hold you accountable so that your dreams become a reality.  Don’t leave those great dreams of yours on the drawing board, take the step and allow us to come along side and make those dreams a reality.

Let’s talk!!!

Frank Maycock, DMin, CPC