Find Success, Reach for Happiness

The other day I was reading a back issue of Brain World and in there was a rather interesting article about weight loss. It is a topic that gets a lot of attention in today’s world and often holds a lot of weight in people’s lives emotionally.  (Pun intended!)

The article quoted Harvard lecturer Shawn Achor from his book, ‘The Happiness Advantage’, that the key to healthy weight loss and the ability to get the most out of workouts is through the gateway of happiness.

He states that happiness in life produces serotonin in our brain which stimulates motivation in the things we do. The lack of serotonin creates unhappy or depressed feelings. When we look at losing weight, we tend to see ourselves through negative lenses and not happy ones. The desire to lose weight is there, we simply lack at times the motivation to do it. If we are focused on what we look like or what we are doing through the negative lenses that will have direct affect as to what we are going to do and for how long.

It is hard to continually motivate ourselves as people when we are not happy. Whether it is our weight, our jobs, our lack of advancing in our career or a feeling of being stuck where we are, it’s hard to move when we are not even willing to find out the best way to motivate ourselves.

This is where a coach can help because a coach can help you see yourself through a different set of lenses. When you are willing to look through different lenses, a gloomy experience can be turned into something of great reward. It is not because the experience changed, but the motivation and the happiness found during the process.

This is true in my life around running. I am not one that loves to run. When I run I do it because I know it is good to increase my cardio vascular system.  I find when I have someone around me motivating me it drives me to finish and that in turn gives me a feeling of success which in turns produces the happiness to keep it up.

A coach isn’t everything but ask yourself, have I reached the goals I want to reach without one? When I am pursuing my goals and dreams, do I give up on myself? How hard is it to motivate myself because I do not like the way I feel about myself?

Maybe based on your answers you may discover that working with a coach is right for you. No matter what the area in your life you wish support in, we can help you find the best for you. Give us a call and let’s talk.