Abundant Giving is Abundant Living

There are at least two types of victims. There are those who really have been victimized and made powerless by others without cause; and then there are those who give their power away to others. When it comes to finances, most of us do not think of ‘never having enough’ as a form of victimization, but in many ways it is. Whether we want to admit it or not, we become victims when we feel like we are held captive or oppressed by the lack of finances or the ability to make what we deem necessary to accomplish our dreams and visions.

We do not need to be held as victims by people, it can be anything we deem a problem or feel like we are held powerless to overcome because of something we do not have. It is subtle, but it still leaves us feeling victimized. I have seen churches and non-profits held captive because of a thing called money. Isn’t it interesting that we allow paper to have control over us? Isn’t that what money is, paper and metal alloys? Yet we make it out to be powerful, difficult to have or hold on to, impossible to get enough of, and often times the final decision maker for our success. Paper and metal – the value we place on them can be the one thing that paralyzes us or sets us free. Or is it really the money that holds us as victims? Could it possibly be the mindset that we have about our dreams, our visions, how we feel about ourselves, or how we feel about others? I believe there are more human beings that are being controlled by a paralytic mindset than anything else in life.

If you have ever seen money as the obstacle, instead of the mindset that you have placed on it as the obstacle, then this article is for you. In Christian circles we have a value that we do not adopt as a practice even though it is a Biblical mandate from God. When Jesus was asked by teachers of the law what He thought was the greatest commandment, He said simply, “Love the Lord God with all your heart, soul, mind and body, and love your neighbor as yourself.” Most non-profits, whether Christian or not, can at least agree with the second part of this answer. Non-profits exist for the betterment of others, do they not? Isn’t that part of what the church supports as well? If this is the case, then why do we allow things like money get in the way? Is it possibly because we struggle with a victim mindset – a mindset that wishes if we only had more help, if we only had more money? What would happen if we got everything we wanted, would we really make others around us better than they are? What really changes people?

If you ask me I would say the biggest problem we have in non-profits and in churches is that we have become victims to our circumstances instead of seeing the abundant life we have to offer. When we change our outlook we change our perspective, which opens the door for greater opportunities. When we see ourselves as abundant givers and give out of our abundance we find ourselves living abundant lives. This mindset changes the world around us. There is a big difference here between someone giving out of what they have instead of out of something they want. What I mean is sometimes we mistake giving as giving when it is actually receiving. Let me ask you a question, “Why do you give?” If you are truly honest and will strip away the surface responses to get to the core of the answer, you will come up with either, “giving makes me feel better,” or “it is expected of me.” Abundant giving is giving from the resources we have. When we give out of what we don’t have, or out of what we want or feel like is  expected of us we then find ourselves giving as a victim, and not out of abundance.

What would happen if we simply gave to give, without strings or requirements? What we would start to see is the resources that are available are phenomenal. Not long ago there was a young man 5 years old who has cancer. He went to the non-profit organization known as Make-A-Wish and wished for a day he could be Batman. San Francisco took on the wish and the entire city got involved. That is abundant giving! On that day, that abundant giving not only changed the heart of a young boy, but it changed the heart of a city. That was a day where no one was a victim and everyone was a hero. A simple wish changed the life of a city so much so that the Make-A-Wish website could not manage the traffic as people all over the world began to tap in a be a part of that simple event and the requests of others.

Abundant living comes when we look not at the obstacles but the opportunities. This is what One Accord can do for you. Move from a place of thinking like you do not have enough to a place where you can eagerly ask, “What can I do with the abundance that I have been blessed with?”  A simple mindset shift can move us from victimization to abundant givers. A mindset that says, “I have more than enough. I simply need to share the story and create the opportunities of others to see what I see and give what I am willing to give.”

I would love to hear you input on this blog, and if you have any questions give us a call and we can talk in more detail how you know longer have to see finances as an obstacle, but as an opportunity to begin living in abundance.