Frank Maycock, Personal Coach

Life can be tough and some people may find themselves either stuck where they are or continuously coming to the same challenges over and over again. I believe that we use our strengths to sabotage ourselves rather than using them to move forward and thrive.

Thriving comes when we are willing to embrace the fact that we can use the help of others to encourage us, hold us accountable, and help us see how we produce our own obstacles. The reality is you have all the answers to those struggles within you and I can help you to bring those things to your conscious awareness so you can choose to live in the rhythm God has designed for your life. (or to live in the rhythm of life that was designed for you.)

I am not just certified to help you, I have experienced and come through the struggles of simply surviving and have learned to thrive. I also bring to my coaching a gift of discernment and a faith in God that allows me to be active and present with you in any situation to help you discover the way to move you forward into a place of great joy and peace.

From one of my clients:

I recently heard the story of a little boy trapped in a 23 foot deep well. He wasn’t alone as his dog was down there with him. The dog had gone missing several days before, the boy heard his whining and attempted to save him, only he fell into the hole himself and wasn’t able to get out. His family came and dropped him a rope, but he didn’t know how to tie it to himself or the dog to help himself get out. Then firemen got to talk this little 4 year old boy through the process. He was finally able to figure it out and they hauled them up to safety.

That story resonated with me and my life. I was stuck deep in a hole, a cave if you will, from trauma, abuse, and having tried to rescue so many others in my life. I had become trapped and could see no way out. People had tried to reach out to me and help me, but were unsuccessful in the attempt. And then I met Frank Maycock at a leadership conference and asked for his help. He went beyond telling me how to get out, to get unstuck. He crawled in the hole with me and showed me how to get myself out.

I was not only wounded, I had no vision or hope of ever making a difference in the world beyond my own family, and I didn’t even believe I was making a difference there. Frank helped me to see that though I cried to be free and unstuck, I was clinging to the very things that were holding me there as if my life depended on it. He was able to help me recognize what was holding me back and showed me how to let go and move forward using my own strengths. I am now coaching others, and not being pulled into being trapped in their holes with them. I also didn’t realize I had thrown away thousands of dollars over the years in editing for people for free. I had a source of income I was blinded to seeing- Frank helped to shine the light on that as well.

Even if I never made a dime, the value that Frank has added to my life in helping me to thrive in life is worth more than anything on this planet. If you find yourself stuck, or running in circles and getting nowhere and want to change, give Frank Maycock a call, your life will never be the same!