Having Frank Maycock as my coach has been a very rewarding experience. Before we started our sessions, I did not have a clear direction for my life. I knew what I wanted, but I did not fully believe it was achievable, and I did not have an effective method to test that premise. Frank encouraged me to find the answers within myself through a series of questions, exercises, and challenges that expanded my thinking about the possibilities that are within my reach. As a fellow Christian, he has a way of helping me to uncover areas of my life that are not in alignment with my goals or with the word of God, while neither preaching nor judging. I thank God for using Frank in this way, and I am blessed to call him my coach.

Carolyn, Chief Executive Assistant

I am extremely excited and feel very blessed from the results I am seeing in my life due to the expert coaching I receive from Frank Maycock. Frank has a great gift of seeing my potential and understands me and what holds me back from playing a more excellent game in life. Frank challenges me and encourages me in a caring way holding me accountable to my purpose, values, and my goals. He isn’t afraid to call me out on my stuff which helps me immensely to grow and learn.

I am very grateful for this experience and for Frank for sharing his gifts and purpose with me. I am committed to continuing this journey and highly recommend Frank as a personal life coach.

Jamie R.
Owner / CEO of Desert Falls Delivery
Founder / CEO of Rodeo Queen University

Throughout my life I have always been able to count on my dad helping me through difficult times. When I was a teenager it always seemed so frustrating when my dad would say things like “No one can make you mad unless you allow them to.” As I have grown up and have gotten into reading books on leadership and self-development I have come to the realization that everything my dad said is true and has had a significant impact on the woman I have become. I am very fortunate to have such a kind, loving insightful man as a father and as a friend.

Sarah Maycock, daughter

I contacted Frank when I needed some advice about a career evolution. His coaching process was helpful to me and allowed me to focus on the right topics. Thanks to Frank, I managed to lay down a road map of my plans for the future with room for creativity. My goals are set towards fulfilling my life interests and dreams.

Marc, Plant Manager

As a powerful thought partner Frank has assisted me to establish a clear
understanding of what it is that I really want out of life and has been a guide to live on purpose to achieve my goals. Frank has a gift to understand the hearts of others and he has the compassion to love them enough to hold them capable of high achievement.
I highly recommend Frank and his coaching program to anyone who is looking to play a bigger game in life. Frank is a powerful ally to coach individuals or Corporations for improved personal and professional performance and success.

John Conover
Business Owner/Entrepreneur
Premiere Luxury Realty

Frank has been a tremendous help in working through a number of issues, including anxiety and self-doubt. With Frank’s help, I’ve been able to conquer a lot of issues I often find emerge through the course of my professional and personal life. This has helped me gain greater confidence, happiness, and a better sense of self helping me become a better employee & husband.

Dan M.
Technical Consultant
Slalom Consulting

I have had the pleasure of being coached by Frank Maycock. His calm demeanor and ability to help me self-discover vs. “tell me what to do”, led me to awareness in my own thinking, habits and results. With these insights and tools provided by Frank, I have been able to shift the thoughts that did not serve me and understand the difference. He also has a gift for helping couples communicate more effectively as he did with my wife and me. I appreciate Frank’s time and care.

Dean, Owner Phantom Deliveries

Frank has helped me overcome obstacles in my life and provided me with tools to move forward. He has helped me to realize assets that were unused. In a moment of choice, I can be my own best friend or my own worst enemy. My expectations of myself are now much higher and I realize every moment is a moment of choice. He has proven to be reliable, intuitive and a man who cares a great deal about people.

Earl G.

Coaching with Frank Maycock has been one of the best decisions I have made. My business has grown because of the changes in me and how I enter into a given experience. It is exciting to see what each week will produce!

Look out world here I come!

Rhonda U., Premier Designs Jeweler

Having Frank Maycock as both a personal and professional coach has helped me to develop exponentially! I’ve gone from being an invisible woman to being the powerful and dynamic woman I was created to be. I am doing my first public speaking outside of church, a step toward a dream to reach millions. I am in the editing stages of a book that will actually be published, and I am connected with myself, my husband and children in ways I’ve never imagined possible. In the past I’ve always helped and supported others, and drained myself doing it. I now have the tools to support others on their journey of life, and not lose mine! Frank helped me discover the power within to establish my own business and become a partner in the corporate world.

Sue Shelley, business partner, executive assistant, coach, author, speaker, wife and mother