Vision or Sight

Some of the greatest success in life comes not because a person knew what they were doing, but they were one who was willing to risk it all because of the vision they had in their heart.

I heard a story once about a conversation that Thomas Edison had with someone, the man looked at him commented on the all the failing of Edison’s work on the light bulb. Edison turned to him and said in so many words, “I do not see them as failings but only ways that it did not work.” 

Thomas Edison was a man of vision. He wasn’t focused on the moment but the experience and the vision. Likewise, people who succeed in life find their success not in what occurs at a given moment, but in their experiences and in their vision. Too many things can happen from one moment to the next. If we base our lives on the moment, then we continually allow the circumstances of the day to control our thoughts and feelings.

Some days may be good and others not so good. If we set our eyes on our vision and are living to enjoy and learn from the experience that each moment brings, we will continually grow and advance in our relationships and our professional careers.

Sometimes what I am saying is hard, because in the moment we may find pain, regret, blame, guilt, shame, happiness, or joy. Depending on that feeling we then decide to quit, continue, endure, sustain, or any other number of actions, rather than focusing on the purpose.

If our eyes are kept on the vision, the moment is simply that, a moment. I go through the pain, joy or whatever feelings I have at that moment but it is the vision that drives me to a greater understanding of who I am meant to be and what I am capable of when I put my heart into the project.

If a mother was basing their decision solely based on the pain and discomfort they might be feeling during the birthing process, I would say none of us would be here. Mothers focus on vision, what the child will look like, be like, how she will enjoy holding the child, helping him or her get through the trials of life and so on. That vision helps her get through the swelling, discomfort, joints that are aching, and then the labor and delivery process.

A surgeon who spends four years getting a Bachelors, another four plus years getting a medical degree, not to mention the residency time, and more even time spent if they want a particular specialty, would probably not go through the experience if they eyes were not on the vision.

Can coaching help executives and individuals? Yes it can, great coaches coach to the vision, help you see the experience as just that, help you keep you eyes on the prize and help you discover the strengths you have to help get you there.

A coach is a partner in the journey so you can keep your eyes on the prize.

You have a vision that you want to accomplish give us a call and let’s talk.