What feeds our devotion?

One of the many definitions for the word illusion is, “something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality.” Based on our view of life we can very easily be led by nothing more than an illusion.

There are people walking around life feeling like they are not going to amount to anything. He or she will never get that promotion, he or she will never find the person of their dreams, or they are not smart enough to write a book. They do not have the same opportunities as someone else.  They can never be the person they want to be.  The list goes on and on. If you can relate to any of these feelings than maybe you are living in the illusion of life that is taking the needed energy to change the old tapes that are playing.

My contention to this thought process is simply we are devoted to the things that we truly believe.  How do we know that the very things we are devoted to are nothing more than illusion? The mask of illusion is when we believe the right thing takes energy from us.  What I’m saying is that too often we are living in lies about ourselves, our abilities and qualities, and we continue to live those lies thinking that if we accept those lies about our abilities we think somehow we will happy, healthy, famous, etc. and that ultimately those lies will give me energy to continue to move through life.

The reality is, if we are living contrary to who we are and our natural abilities, it takes more energy from us then simply coming to a place in our lives where we get to see who we are and where we want to go. Everything we do either takes energy or gives us energy. I am introvert, what that means is that I get my energy when I am either by myself or with people that I feel safe and comfortable with where I get to be the person that I am. If I spend all day with people and involving myself in activities with them there is a good chance that I will come home more tired because it simply takes energy being with people. Where as if I were an extrovert it would give me energy.

The value of a coach is simply to help you discover, not in a therapeutic sense, who you are. A coach moves you through questions, assessments and goals so you automatically begin to discover your true authentic self. The outcome is that you are putting your time and energy into things that help in the definition of who are, out of that discovery you have more energy than you ever thought you would have.

If you are doing things that take energy instead of giving you energy maybe you are living with the mask of illusion on? Maybe you are devoting yourself to the wrong things.  Let us become a part of your life and help you become the person that you truly were destined to be and find a deeper since of devotion and energy like you never knew you had.