Thinking Differently

In a recent coaching class I heard an interesting statistic that went something like this: “95% of what we are thinking today is what we thought yesterday”. I was taken back by that statistic. Not because I only have original thoughts, but if this statement is true than where I am today is mainly due to where I was yesterday in my thought process.

When I think about this it simply helps me to understand why I continue to do the same things over and over with the hopes that I will have a different result. The truth about it is, if I want different results or to have a different outcome I need to start thinking about things differently. For me to realize that I do not have an original thought I know that too often I simply need to discover a thought pattern that I can use to help me move from point A to point B and get different results.

This is why a ‘thought partner’ or a coach can become very beneficial. When I talk to people and ask them a question, I often hear the phrase, “I don’t know”. My immediate response is, “What if you did know?” It is amazing how quickly the person comes up with an answer, and nine out of ten times it is the perfect answer for that person at that moment and time.

The reason is we do know the answer but we are stuck with the same thought pattern that we were in yesterday, and as such, we find that if I did not have an idea yesterday there is a good chance I will have the same result today.

A ‘thought partner’ or coach helps take us out of the original way of thinking and processing the information.  A coach can ask the right questions at the right time to move us to a new way of thinking or a new way of hearing our own hearts and desires.

I believe we have all the answers we need to move us to a more effective and direct way of thinking and feeling.  Sometimes in our lives we simply need someone else to help discover what it is we already do know and reframe it in such a way that it might make more sense to us then ever before.

Give it a try, find a coach and watch how your life can truly become the life you always wanted.  This fresh start totally comes out of your own greatness that sometimes gets locked up because of the circumstances or situations we are in.

If you want to talk to us about this leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Frank Maycock Dmin, CPC